Educational Services

Educational Services

Acorn Care recognises the importance of education for all young people and will work with local education providers to ensure that young people's individual requirements are met.

Our aim, is to work with the young person, their parents/carers, social worker and educationalists to provide the most appropriate provision which offers young people the opportunity to experience positive outcomes in a non-threatening environment.

 Many young people placed with Acorn Care will have experienced negative and disrupted education provision and the aim of our service is to identify what is appropriate to meet their individual needs and to give young people a sense of stability and achievement and a place where they can realise their aspirations and goals.

Staff will act as a good parent in relation to the education of young people by encouraging attendance, offering support at any education meetings and giving praise for all achievements, however small.

Homes Managers will work with placing local authority to understand the individual needs of young people and ensure the appropriate provision is sourced, relevant to the age and understanding of the young person.

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Nurturing Attachments and Therapeutic Parenting

approach used by Acorn Care which re-teaches young people so that when they experience warm, sensitive and responsive parenting... Find out more here

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