Nurturing Attachments and Therapeutic Parenting

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Our homes endeavour to offer a safe, nurturing environment for all young people and Acorn Care is delighted to have engaged the services of Dr Nikki Hill, Consultant Clinical Psychologist to enhance its Nurturing Attachments and Therapeutic Parenting approaches to looking after young people who present with complex behaviours.

All staff employed undertake our 12 week Nurturing Attachment Course, which is delivered by Dr Hill and offers clear insight into the impact of early year’s trauma and abuse has on a young persons’ ability to develop and maintain appropriate relationships. This model is used to enable our young people to explore and understand the reasons for their behaviour and to offer support and guidance throughout difficult and traumatic times.

Our homes strive to implement therapeutic approaches with all young people in placement and our teams have direct access to Dr Hill to seek advice and support in relation to the identified needs of the young people. This level of guidance for Managers and staff promotes an understanding of the trauma that young people have experienced and help staff to understand that young people’s behaviours are their way of communicating that trauma. Such understanding allows the team to look beyond the presenting behaviours and response in an appropriate manner which develops a more defined relationship built on honesty and trust. Dr Hill visits our homes to discuss the individual needs of young people and this forum for discussing, agreeing and sharing therapeutic approaches within the team as to how to work with individual young people has resulted in an increase of positive outcomes for the young people we look after. Incidents are reduced and our teams can evidence the proactive and positive work undertaken to ensure that ongoing needs are identified and met and that young people have an understanding and experience of developing the ability to form and maintain healthy attachments.

Further information in relation to our Model of Care can be found in our Homes’ Statement of Purpose.

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Nurturing Attachments and Therapeutic Parenting

approach used by Acorn Care which re-teaches young people so that when they experience warm, sensitive and responsive parenting... Find out more here

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